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Together, let us create a just, sustainable and healthy world.
Christine E.V. Gonzalez, NMD, PHD
Founder of the Wellness Institute International, 1990 CALIFORNIA USA
Those Who Experienced It

From Our Patients

“I am eternally grateful to all our patients, especially our cancer patients for allowing me to be a part of your journey and letting me into that special relationship of confidence and trust. They are priceless gifts from each of you.” Dr Christine


Colon Cancer with Lymph Node Metastases Patient

“Blessings to you, Dr. Christine ! Today I got the PET/CT Scan result from St. Lukes , They found no evidence of Cancer !



Praise God for this result ! I am 5 years surviving now ! I owe you a BIG THANK YOU for the invaluable advice and the many helpful things you have taught me which I am practising / maintaining now, for the self-less caring, for the continuous prayers ! 


I doubt that I would have made it without your help. God Bless You. Love You.”



Stage 4 Heptaocellular Carcinoma

“I will soon be celebrating my 13th year of liver-cancer free. Thanks so much for all your help healing my liver cancer.

I feel so much better, with greatly improved energy and appetite. 


I gained 10 pounds after losing so much weight.

You are truly a blessing. God bless you. Much love.”

J. & A.

Reproductive Cancer Patient

“Dr Christine, thank you so much for your fervent prayers, care and love. I was cleared of complext hyperplasia today. 


My system modified my own progesterone after your diet and detoxification recommendations. 


My whole family would like to thank you. Know that we cannot repay your kindness, sincerity and most of all diligence in seeing me through in one of the most difficult times in my life.”

Service Categories

Health Evaluations

Our Health Assessments serve various objectives, including disease screening, tracking the progress of treatments, and establishing qualifications for participation in our programs or medical care.


Therapies encompass interventions designed to enhance the well-being of individuals or groups grappling with life’s challenges. Each therapeutic approach holds distinct objectives, methodologies, and advantages.


Consultations constitute a fundamental aspect of our services. They provide us with the opportunity to comprehend the needs, aspirations, and objectives of our clients, enabling us to extend our expert advice and guidance.

Food & Herbs as Medicine

Supplements and homeopathic remedies play a pivotal role in enhancing health and well-being. Supplements work to ward off deficiencies, while homeopathic remedies stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Over 30+ years of Healing Excellence


The Institute was founded in Silicon Valley, California.


Our first Asian clinic, training and research centre | WII Manila Philippines


Our solution to the international cancer crisis | WII Lourdes, France


Move of WII Headquarter to Bali Indonesia

About Us

In 2020, Wellness Institute International Inc. (WII), celebrated a milestone: our 30th year in the challenging but exhilarating world of natural medicine! The Institute was founded in Silicon Valley, California, amidst the intellectual brilliance, thick-willed determination, and boundless energy for discovery ushered in by the dawn of the computer age. We carried this spirit of innovation to the Philippines, where we opened our first clinic, training, and research center in 2000.

WII also provides a leading voice to help shape integrated health care systems. Our executive staff, researchers, and doctors have more than forty five years of direct and extensive experience in natural and integrative medicine, professional development, education, and research to foster just, sustainable, and healthy generations to come. 

This year, 2023, Wellness Institute International moved to its new headquarter, Bali, INDONESIA. WII is a health and wellness clinic, research, and teaching center registered in California, USA; Manila, PHILIPPINES; Lourdes, FRANCE, and Bali, INDONESIA. With more than 5,000 patient visits annually, WII is a true chronic disease prevention, management and control landmark in Asia.

Reaching out to more people in the community and the world continues to be our main goal. Our untiring commitment to help people live better and live longer prompted the move of the Institute’s main activities and programs in Bali, Indonesia.

As one of world’s best and the first integrative and Functional cancer facility in Asia, Dr Dale HASH introduced Lifesytle Medicine in 2005. WII broadens our service to the local and international communities by addressing the underlying causes of diseases, patient-centered whole person management, control of chronic diseases, Integrative and Functional healthcare approaches and fostering a patient and practitioner therapeutic partnership for more healthy, productive individuals and improved quality of life.

Hallmarks of the WII Approach

to Health & Wellness Care

Patient-Centered Care

We endeavor to comprehensively grasp the underlying factors, preventive measures, and effective treatments pertaining to intricate and chronic diseases.

An Integrative, Science-Based Approach

Our practitioners embrace a holistic wellness philosophy, employing an ‘upstream’ approach that delves into the intricate interplay of patient history, physiology, and lifestyle. 

This method is instrumental in pinpointing potential factors contributing to the onset of diseases.

Pioneering the Best in Health & Wellness Care

WII seamlessly combines conventional Western medical methodologies with integrative or functional medicine, placing a notable emphasis on preventive measures.

Confronting the Crisis

of Chronic Diseases

The WII Charter – “We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of well-being, resilience, and vibrant living that extends to everyone we serve.” The WII Charter is underpinned by three core objectives.

Cutting-Edge Therapies

Firstly, we aim to offer cutting-edge, natural, and well-established therapies to combat the prevailing epidemic of chronic diseases.

More Effective Systems

Secondly, our focus is on modernizing and integrating the outdated acute-care models, with more effective systems for the prevention, management, and control of chronic illnesses.

Knowledge Transfer

Lastly, as a distinguished global training hub for emerging natural sciences theory and medical practice, we impart knowledge and train the next wave of medical professionals (doctors and nurses).

The Team

Behind the Mission

Dr Christine E.A. Gonzalez, NMD | PhD

Director of Cancer Care Center

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine/ PhD, Health and Human Services | PhD, Environmental Sciences / Educator / Researcher / Author / Missionary

She pursued training from healing traditions, naturopaths, and integrative practitioners: 

  • Dr. Max Guerson
  • Dr. J. Pissorno (one of the founders of Bastyr University)
  • Dr. Williams McWilliams of Biological Energy Medicine
  • Dr. S. Sinatra,
  • Dr. Maria Blecker (a protégé of Dr Gunther Enderlein, the German Microbiologist, Physician, founder of Isopathic Medicine), where Gonzalez learned Blood examination in Darkfield Microscopy that led her to a PhD in Health and Human Sciences and PhD in Environmental Sciences before becoming a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine.

She also holds diplomas in:



  • Homeopathic Medicine,
  • Advanced Herbal Studies,
  • Clinical Aromatherapy,
  • Advanced Microscopy,
  • Computer Regulation Thermography,
  • Meridian Stress Assessment,
  • Biological Terrain Assessment,
  • Lymphology & Physiology. 

Her academic and professional training are from USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, with continuing education on Biotechnology and Stem Cell Therapy / Regenerative Biology from Harvard Extension School.

She founded Wellness Institute International in California in the 1990s, and focused on natural healing with clinics in Milpitas, Saratoga, and San Mateo. 


In 1994, while still in the US, she established Herbiotics, a plant-based production of organic herbal supplements. 



Teaming up with Joe Alvarez Navarro, chemist/physicist trained at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Christine formulated and developed

  • Herbiotics USA,
  • Wellness Organics, and
  • Krysty Naturalle, Organic Skin products in response to the need of her patients for more effective and safe, natural protocols to treat cancer and other chronic diseases. 

This led her to do intensive research on tropical herbs combined with Western and Eastern remedies.



In 2000, she moved to the Philippines, providing health services through practice, research, lectures and workshops on the underlying causes of cancer and other chronic diseases. 



For more than thirty years, she has worked mostly with stage-4 cancer patients. Dr. Christine maintains clients in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Guam, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Sweden and Spain.

After a time, Dr. Christine’s work leaned more and more towards prevention of chronic diseases, especially cancer and auto-immune diseases. Early in 2008, the need for a solution to the worldwide cancer crisis led her to dedicate her life towards cancer prevention and control through health education. 



She lectures on cancer and chronic disease prevention and control, the most important of which is the 28-day Cancer Control Program, functional nutrition, health and wellness in Asia, North America and Europe. She offers Diploma & Certificate Courses at the Integrative Cancer Research Institute (ICRI) on functional and integrative nutrition, herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, biodynamic farming.

In 2009, the first edition of “Yes You Can Prevent and Control Cancer” was published, with second and third updated editions following in 2015 and 2018. 

It is now being translated to 7 languages. Her other two books are: “Dengue Fever on the Rise”, launched in 2011 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, to help build “zero dengue communities,” and “Healing with the Rosary and Herbs” launched in 2010. 

To spread more information on wellness for the general public, Dr. Christine published a weekly series in the national Philippine Daily Inquirer: The Green Secret, expounding on health issues and their natural solutions.

Dr. Christine’s growing number of cancer patients began coming together monthly to exchange information, resources, and healing experiences. Ugnayan started and evolved into the Wellness Club.  In September 2018, she launched CanSurvive Philippines.


Dr Christine’s life has been anything but conventional. After years of training with the pioneers and mentors of natural healing, she has refined her 28-Day Cancer Control Program, treating patients with the most serious conditions–from cancer to diabetes and other auto-immune diseases.


Dr. Christine is a:

  • Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology,
  • Member of: Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA | American Association of Integrative Medicine | BioDynamic Association, USA / CanSurvive Global | Malaysian Association for Advancement of Functional & Interdisciplinary Medicine (MAAFIM)

In September 17, 2022, Cansurvive Centre Malaysia presented Dr. Christine the DR PETER NAI EXCELLENCY AWARD 2021.


In November 5, 2022, the Malaysian Association for Advancement of Functional & Interdisciplinary Medicine (MAAFIM) bestowed on Dr. Christine a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in recognition of exceptional contribution to medicine and health care.

Dr Jennifer M. de la Rosa

Director of Acute & Chronic Diseases

Dr Jen is a licensed medical doctor graduate from Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University – University of Perpetual Help with a BS in Biology from De La Salle University.

Her training specialized in surgical procedures for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repair, Femoral Fracture, Open Face Framework Rhinoplasty, Cholecystectomy, and Laparoscopy Surgery. Her Post Graduate Internship is in General Medicine.

Dr. Jen serves as a medical consultant and in-house physician in various hospitals in the Greater Manila Region, and also conducts surgical missions for charity throughout the Philippines. 


She has been the Wellness Institute’s Integrative Medicine Specialist and Medical Consultant from 2011 to the present, and gives lectures on topics such as “Changing Landscape of Medicine”, “Lifestyle Change: Wellness and Nutrition”, “Breaking the Medical Fallacies through the eyes of a Medical Doctor”, and “Complete Digestive Cleansing”.

  • Conducts wellness life style programs including treatments for many chronic diseases using an integrative approach instead of managing disease I believe in managing health.
  • Develop and created corporate wellness workshops in disease prevention for different organizations including corporations and institutions.
  • For more than  10 years have worked with overt housands of patients in their wellness journey and have successfully reversed 90% of their diseases including late stage cancer patients that are terminally ill with only a few months to live.
  • Designed, enhanced and improved the H.A.S.H. Holistic Approach to Self-Healing program, a Wellness Lifestyle clinic that specializes in weight management, cholesterol, hypertension and other lifestyle disease.
  • Successfully reduced healthcare cost for various organizations using food management and created health promotion for disease prevention, including religious organizations in various parts of the country.
  • Successfully reversed many chronic diseases including (cholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and smoking cessation) in patients using the H.A.S.H. food management program.
  • Trained under Dr. Christine Gonzalez in cancer and chronic disease prevention and control.

Dr Tanri Abeng, MBA | PhD

Executive Chairman

Dr. Tanri Abeng’s tenure as the Executive Chairman of Wellness Institute International (WII) has undeniably ushered in a transformative era. 


His unwavering dedication to advancing the cause of wellness, combined with his visionary leadership, promises to etch an enduring legacy within the Institute and the broader expanse of the wellness industry.


Dr. Tanri’s resolute commitment to enhancing lives through holistic well-being stands as a wellspring of inspiration for all fortunate enough to collaborate with him.

Dr. Tanri’s most enduring legacy lies in his dedication to the education and inspiration of future leaders. 


Fueled by a profound commitment to leadership, education, and the betterment of Indonesia, he took the visionary step of founding Tanri Abeng University, a distinguished private higher education institution nestled in Jakarta. 


The core objective behind this endeavor was to establish a robust platform for the transmission of his vast knowledge, invaluable skills, and rich experiences to the promising generations of Indonesia, thereby fostering a legacy of enlightened leadership for the country’s future.

At present, Dr. Tanri’s profound passion and visionary drive extend beyond boundaries to encompass the holistic health and well-being of not only Indonesia but also the entire Asia Pacific region and the global community. 


In his capacity as the Executive Chairman of the Institute, Dr. Tanri has introduced a transformational dimension to the organization’s leadership. 


His role assumes pivotal significance in shaping the institute’s overarching mission, one that is dedicated to promoting comprehensive well-being across economic, physical, spiritual, and socio-cultural facets.


Dr. Tanri takes charge of strategic planning, fosters strategic partnerships, and spearheads the implementation of pioneering wellness programs. These initiatives have touched the lives of countless individuals, each one seeking enhanced health, vitality, and a holistic approach to well-being.

As the Executive Chairman, Dr. Tanri assumes a critical leadership role in overseeing the Board’s effective governance and operations.


His responsibilities encompass ensuring the Board’s composition aligns with the Company’s strategic needs and business operations, with a focus on skills, attributes, and relevant experience.


  • Dr. Tanri also prioritizes the Board’s agenda, emphasizing strategy, performance, value creation, and accountability, while reserving key decisions for Board deliberation.
  • He maintains robust decision-making processes and fosters rigorous scrutiny of major proposals. 
  • He is dedicated to providing Directors with accurate, timely, and transparent information. 
  • Moreover, he establishes channels for effective communication with shareholders and stakeholders, facilitating open dialogue on the Company’s performance and policies.
  • Promoting a culture of transparency and constructive debate. Dr. Tanri ensures the active involvement of Non-Executive Directors. 
  • Additionally, he guides the Board in determining the nature and extent of significant risks aligned with the Company’s strategic implementation, eliminating any ‘no-go’ areas that might hinder effective oversight by the Directors.

In January 2017, the distinguished Universitas Indonesia bestowed upon Dr. Tanri Abeng, the coveted ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in recognition of his outstanding leadership in the field of management. 


This accolade from the prestigious university serves as a testament to Dr. Tanri’s enduring contributions and remarkable impact on the realm of management, marking a well-deserved pinnacle in his illustrious career.

Dr Dale V. Flores, PhD

Director of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Dale’s PhD is from the University of Natural Health in Brandon, Mississippi in Holistic and Sports Nutrition (Summa Cum Laude). Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition (Magna Cum Laude) from Baumann College Penngrove, California.


Dr. Dale specializes in weight management and other lifestyle diseases. With more than 10 years of experience using food management, he has successfully reduced healthcare costs and reversed chronic diseases in various corporate and religious organizations throughout the country.

He consults for HMO companies in promoting employee productivity and reducing absenteeism. He collaborates with doctor’s food prescriptions with chronic patients with critical nutritional requirements, develop corporate wellness workshops for different organizations including corporations and institutions.

More than 15 years of experience as a health care practitioner with significant accomplishments in developing managed care strategies, improving quality and utilization management programs, and coaching individual healthcare business and practice issues.

  • Conducts wellness life style programs including treatments for many chronic diseases using an integrative approach instead of managing disease I believe in managing health.
  • Develop and created corporate wellness workshops in disease prevention for different organizations including corporations and institutions.
  • For more than10 years have worked with over thousands of patients in their wellness journey.
    Designed, enhanced and improved the H.A.S.H. program, a Wellness Lifestyle clinic that specializes in weight management, cholesterol, hypertension and other lifestyle disease.
  • Successfully reduced healthcare cost for various organizations using food management and created health promotion for disease prevention, including religious organizations in various parts of the country.
    Successfully reversed many chronic diseases including (cholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and smoking cessation) in patients using the H.A.S.H. food management program.
  • Trained under Dr. Christine Gonzalez in cancer and chronic disease prevention and control. 

Dr Ibarra Manuel Gonzalez, PhD

Director of Communication, Research and Training

His academic background is a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Research from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California, MA from the University of the Philippines Institute of Mass Communications, AB in Theology from the Gregorian University, Rome and in Philosophy from Ateneo de Manila University. 

He has certificates in Radio, Television, and Film Production from Hatch End Radio & TV School in London, Booterstown Educational TV in Dublin and Hollywood film Institute in Los Angeles

Dr. Gonzalez’s dissertation was a ground-breaking work on the first internet community in Higashi Ikoma, Japan. 


With more than twenty years of communication research and training experience, Ibarra has conducted worldwide programs in development communication, international and intercultural communication, production and organizational development. 

He has lectured and conducted trainings extensively in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Munich, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Los Angeles and other cities in the United States.

He has taught at Santa Clara University, California State University Hayward, and College of Notre Dame. 

While a Chairperson of the Communication Department of the Ateneo de Manila University, he also headed the Jesuit Communication Foundation responsible for all the media work of the Jesuits in the Philippines and parts of Asia.

He was the Research Director of CommSciences in Los Angeles in charge of the research activities of the company; likewise the Academic Vice President of eXLean.com, a Silicon Valley Internet provider for learning English as a Secondary Language specifically designed and programmed for the Japanese population.


He was then appointed by President Gloria Arroyo as Director General of the National Computer Center with a rank of Undersecretary, with eGovernance as one of its key projects, pushing the computerization of all government offices all the way down to the municipal level.


Some of his latest research and paper presentations are: “2008 ICT Status Report” for APEC Tokyo, Japan; “Ebay Market Segmentation Study,” a proprietary research conducted in Los Angeles, California; “Government Plans for Information Technology Projects in the Philippines” addressed to the American Chamber of Commerce, Makati Cityand “Upgrading Instructions Through Multimedia Technology” for the Association of Colleges of Arts & Sciences & the Association of Booksellers for the Academe and the Professions in Philippines.

His skills are not limited to research, organizational communication and teaching, but also to the production of documentaries on sound slides, videos and films using the most advanced techniques in digital videography.

His desire for holistic social transformation brought him to natural medicine in which he specialized in Quantum Therapy (Portugal), Meridian Stress Assessment (USA), Biological Terrain Assessment (USA), Computer Regulated Thermography (Germany). 


His present research is focused on bio-nutritional energy and virtual medicine. He is currently working on developing a Health Channel, the Wellness Spring Net, via satellite and the internet, as a means of educating the public on preventive health care and rural health services using the power of nature to heal.

Dr Joe Alverez Navarro, Failure Analysis Engineer

Director Science & Technology

Joe has a BS in physics with a minor in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, with graduate studies in Network Engineering from Master’s Institute in San Jose, California.

Joe currently serves as the head scientist for Wellness Institute International. Teaming up with Dr. Christine, the main formulator and developer of Herbiotics, Joe manages production and quality control of both organic raw materials and finished products.

He implements “ZERO DEFECTS” in all Herbiotics products. In addition, he contributes to world health awareness by teaching the ill effects of genetic modification and closely monitoring environmental impacts.

He spent more than 10 years working in nuclear underground and fallout testing for the Lawrence Livermore laboratories, LFE Environmental testing; and more than 20 years as a computer engineer in failure analysis using various technologies such as E-beam probing, light emission microscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscopes. 


His contributions in the field of computer technology include developing procedures for quantitative analysis in failure analysis and writing application programs for processing electron migration data.

Mary Grace McLeod

Volunteer Editor

Mary McLeod currently serves as a volunteer editor for Wellness Institute International Integrative Cancer Research and Cansurvive Philippines from her home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in Philosophy and Ethics with a minor on Government, and also pursued graduate studies in theology at International Theological Institute (Katholische Hochschule), Vienna, Austria.

She specializes in bioethics, theology of the body, marriage, and family, advocating for a culture that protects the dignity of all human life and healthy families as the building blocks of individual and societal flourishing.


She has given lectures on the Theology of the Body, Spirituality and Women’s Health at the National Commission of Women, Philippines / International Policy on Natural Family Planning, United Nations NYC .

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