About Us

The WII envisions the creation of thriving communities and a world free from chronic diseases

Our Mission is to leverage over three decades of experience in delivering innovative, expert, and compassionate care. We aim to redefine the landscape of individual health by embracing integrative and functional medicine approaches. Furthermore, we are dedicated to advancing the knowledge, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and ultimate eradication of cancer and other persistent health conditions.

Bali, Indonesia (Land of the Gods)

Wellness Institute International

In 2023, the Wellness Institute International marked a significant milestone as it established its new headquarters in Bali, Indonesia. 


Our dedication to extending our reach within the community and globally remains unwavering. Motivated by an enduring pledge to enhance lives and promote longevity, we have chosen Bali as the focal point for the Institute’s primary initiatives and endeavors.


One can only imagine the sense of peace and serenity that permeates the environment, making Bali the perfect place for patients to feel comfortable and cared for during their treatment.

Positioned as one of the world’s best and only Integrative and Functional Cancer facility in Asia, WII sets itself apart as a global leader.

We extend our services to both local and international communities through a comprehensive approach: 

Patient-Centered Facility

Positioned as one of the world’s best and only Integrative Functional and Cancer Facility in Asia, WII sets itself apart as a global leader..

With the Institute’s unique blend of modern health, wellness care and holistic treatments, our patients can experience the ultimate level of personalized care.

The Catalyst

Across the globe, there is a notable rise in the prevalence of intricate chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Acute Care

The acute-care method in medicine lacks the appropriate techniques and resources for preventing and addressing intricate chronic illnesses.

Huge Gap

A significant disparity exists between research and the practical application of medical treatment by doctors.

Assessing Causes

Many physicians lack sufficient training to effectively evaluate the root causes of intricate chronic diseases and to implement suitable strategies.

The Executive Team

Behind the Vision

At the Wellness Institute, we take pride in our team of experts who collectively possess 45 years of experience in the realm of health and wellness. While our team members come from various backgrounds and possess diverse skills, they all share a unified dedication to aiding individuals in achieving improved and extended lives.
Dr Christine E.A. Gonzalez, NMD | PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Jennifer M. de la Rosa

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Tanri Abeng, MBA | PhD

Executive Chairman

Dr Dale V. Flores, PhD


The Institute's Goals

Our Imperative

Our Mission to revolutionize medical care is directed by five fundamental goals:

Integrative Models

To develop, demonstrate, and implement effective integrative models for clinical service.

A New Generation

Our aim is to instruct and prepare a fresh cohort of healthcare practitioners and scientists in the principles of integrative and functional care, ultimately benefiting both their patients and their own well-being.

Academic Research

Through thorough academic research, our objective is to substantiate the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of integrative and functional care and educational models.

Public Health

Our intention involves crafting initiatives that advance public health, particularly among vulnerable and marginalized populations, and sharing groundbreaking patient treatments and scientific revelations with our intended global communities.

Future of Healthcare

We aspire to be a prominent influencer in the international conversation that molds the trajectory of healthcare's future. This influence is drawn from our rich experiences in pioneering medical paradigms, professional learning, and research.

A Health & Wellness Haven

Compassionate Care

Listening to your story in order to design treatments that will address your unique health concerns.

Reach a New Level

Seeing your doctor and feeling enlightened, empowered and fully motivated to reach a new level of true health and wellbeing.

Personalized Treatments

Being surrounded by personalized and comprehensive healing treatments performed by expert, compassionate and caring health practitioners.

Your Haven Awaits !

Where Balance & Wellbeing are the Utmost Concerns.

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