Our Facilities

The Wellness Institute International (WII) stands as an unwavering beacon of commitment to the cause of universal health and well-being. In pursuit of this noble objective, we have meticulously orchestrated the establishment of seven exceptional facilities, each designed to offer an extensive spectrum of services and programs.

WII @ Sanur Medical & Wellness Toursim, Bali

More Than Just Structures

These facilities are more than just structures and occupied land. They are the physical embodiment of our unwavering pledge to champion holistic and evidence-based solutions for our cherished clients and invaluable partners.

Achieving Our Mission

Within the embrace of our seven facilities, the essence of our Mission and Goals spring to life, nurturing and fostering a world where health and wellness are not just aspirations but living realities.

Our Commitment

Within these facilities, the blueprint for a healthier and happier world is etched, and our commitment to turning aspirations into tangible transformations becomes manifest.

Journeys of Discovery

Our Research & Multimedia Centre


To embark on a journey of discovery, one that unravels the mysteries of natural medicine therapies.


We aspire to not only discern what makes these therapies effective but also to delve into the intricacies of why they work.


In our pursuit of knowledge, we venture beyond the boundaries of the conventional biomedical research model, embracing and studying modalities that defy its conventional parameters.


Our quest is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a profound commitment to uncovering the profound potential lying at the intersection of tradition and innovation in the realm of natural medicine.
A Full Service Library

Our Training Centre


Our goal is to establish a multidisciplinary graduate school that cultivates a new generation of healers and holistic practitioners proficient in science-based natural, integrative, and functional medicine.


We aspire to meet the increasing demand for healthcare practitioners who can effectively address the complex health issues arising from the modern world’s toxic environment.


Our scope extends beyond traditional healthcare education, encompassing a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that transcends the outdated treatment models prevalent in the current medical industry. 

We aim to emphasize prevention and holistic well-being, embracing the inter-connectedness of body, mind, and spirit.


Our quest invites you to envision the transformative potential of education and training at the Wellness Institute International in Bali, Indonesia. 


We believe that health and happiness are intrinsically intertwined, and by nurturing your own health, you can amplify your impact on the world.

Philippines & Bali

Our Organic Farm


Our primary goal is to establish a sanctuary, teeming with medicinal trees, botanicals, and herbs, dedicated to the preservation and propagation of invaluable plant resources.


We aspire to create a naturally preserved rainforest that not only conserves biodiversity but also nurtures a balanced and sustainable coexistence among people, animals, plants, and the environment.


Our scope extends to addressing the critical issue of the depletion of medicinal plants and herbs worldwide.


We recognize the indispensable role of plant-based remedies in modern healthcare systems, especially in developing countries.


Our organic farm serves as a vital resource for our “Herbiotics” organic laboratory, ensuring a sustainable supply of raw materials.


Our quest invites you to join us in this mission of conservation, sustainable living, and community empowerment.


By nurturing our organic farm and supporting Herbiotics, we not only contribute to economic growth but also foster a vibrant community of passionate farmers.


Together, we embark on a journey towards a healthier, more sustainable, and harmonious world.

Food as Medicine

Our Organic Kitchen


Our overarching goal is to uphold the timeless wisdom of “Food as Medicine,” a concept originally championed by Hippocrates, by promoting the pivotal role of wholesome nutrition in achieving and maintaining good health.


We aspire to not only acknowledge the profound wisdom of Hippocrates but to extend it into the 21st century, where an increasing body of research underscores the transformative potential of food in preventing, treating, curing, and even reversing a wide spectrum of chronic illnesses.


Our scope encompasses the recognition that there is no singular “magic bullet” to combat the myriad health challenges of our time, from heart disease to allergies.


We align with leading researchers like Dr. Walter Willett to disseminate the best scientific evidence to physicians, nutritionists, and health professionals, empowering them to counsel patients and educate the next generation.


Our quest invites you to savor the transformative power of nutrition at the Wellness Institute International’s Organic Kitchen. 


Here, we nourish your body with a bounty of flavorful, health-enhancing foods, biodynamic juices, and teas. Our commitment to serving fresh, organic, and delicious cuisine sourced directly from our own organic farm is driven by a spirit of love and reverence for the healing potential of food.

Our Residence Pavilion

Our Institute offers a unique accommodation experience in our residence pavilion. This is a 10-room facility that provides private bathrooms and a serene environment surrounded by trees and herbs. 


Our guests can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature while staying in a comfortable and eco-friendly beach resort. We call this “green to the extreme” because we care about the environment and your well-being.

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